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The Marfeel Connection: A Referral Program that Pays

Join us in shaping the future of data analytics in publishing. Marfeel’s low-code platform empowers publishers to make swift, data-driven decisions.

Your Advantages

Maximize your earnings while helping publishers enhance their capabilities with Marfeel. Earn commissions calculated on their first-month pageview’s volume.

Commission Tiers

  • 5M - 19M pageviews → Earn: €750
  • 20M - 49M pageviews - Earn: €1,500
  • 50M - 99M pageviews - Earn: €3,000
  • 100M - 249M pageviews - Earn: €6,000
  • 250M+ pageviews - Earn: €10,000

Terms Simplified

  • Eligibility window: 6 months post-introduction
  • Commission payout: 30 days post first invoice payment by client
  • No commissions on contract renewals
  • Commissions void if no contract is signed, it’s cancelled, or payment isn’t received.
  • The referral should be directed to appropriate individuals and/or teams.
  • No commissions on renewals and upsells.
  • No commission will be paid if Marfeel is already speaking to the publisher unless agreed otherwise.

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