Icon Builder and User Timezones

:construction_worker_woman: Icon builder for Marfeel Experiences

We are working hard to democratize the creation of nice and consistent by default Flowcards.

This week we are introducing our new icon builder which lets you copy and paste, upload, or drag and drop an image file from your local drive to turn it into a shiny icon.

Zoom in and out, pan it around and add a rounded border if desired. Save time and maintain visual consistency by reusing icons across experiences.

Learn more about How to create a Card Icon.

:dancing_women: Start from an existing Flowcard

Create a new Marfeel Experience by cloning an existing one. The new clone mechanism keeps the important details and resets all delivery settings to start fresh.

:clock1030: User timezones

Marfeel Compass users can now specify their country or territory and the time zone they want to use. This means that in the Compass real-time view, the day begins when the user’s day begins, regardless of where the data originates and the organization’s timezone. This gives a more accurate of the day for editors working in different timezones.

We’ve also added support for 40+ different timezones spread across 200+ countries and regions at the organization level.

Learn more about User settings and Organization settings.

∞ Infinite scroll and internal recirculation tracking

Infinite scroll is a widely adopted UX pattern to load an article when a reader reaches the end of a page. Marfeel can now track how much infinite scroll is contributing to your recirculation in a similar to how we parse page views from automatic browser refreshes.

Learn more about tracking infinite scroll or swipe page views.

:lady_beetle: Bug fixes & other updates

  • Added support for amp-first web pages. Learn more.
  • Added documentation for Marfeel API authentication
  • Fixed Marfeel Affiliation Flowcard
    - Was ordering products in an unpredictable way
    - Some products where not appearing
  • Fixed an edge case where the user could not scroll to the end of a Flowcard
  • Fixed Flowcards i18n issue when reader language could not be detected
  • Social cards
    • Added custom description field
    • Fixed render error