How to implement Marfeel via GTM Google Tag Manager

The Marfeel SDK can be added directly on your pages, or for convenience, it can be added via Google Tag Manager.

Bear in mind:

Take into consideration that Safari 17 & iOS 17 block Google Tag Manager and Google Ads scripts on your pages. If Marfeel is loaded via GTM it won’t be able to track your pages. We encourage to add the Marfeel SDK directly on your HTML.

Add the Marfeel SDK on GTM

  1. Log into your Google Tag Manager workspace
  2. Click Tags on the left-hand side
  3. Click New
  4. Give your tag a name, like “Marfeel SDK”
  5. Under Tag Configuration, choose the “Custom HTML” tag type
  6. Copy the Marfeel SDK code
  7. Paste it into the “HTML” box
  8. Under Triggering, select the All Pages trigger
  9. Click the blue Save button in the top right corner
Google AMP:
Bear in mind AMP doesn't fully support Google Tag Manager. Adding the SDK via GTM won't track your AMP pages. To track your AMP pages you'll have to track them differently.


Adding the Marfeel SDK via Google Tag Manager will potentially delay when Marfeel starts tracking the navigation.

These delays, although subtle, can introduce precision mismatches.

If you add the Marfeel SDK via GTM, make sure it’s added at the same moment as other analytics systems.