Environmental Impact / Carbon footprint

Marfeel faces the challenges related to environmental impact with deep awareness, concern and seriousness.

Regarding our audience measurement and analysis service, hosting providers represent the largest consumption of our service. In this sense, the data centers used by Marfeel are not our own, but those of external companies.

The company carries out an exhaustive analysis for the selection of its data center providers, evaluating certain criteria and the environmental impact is undoubtedly one of the main criterias.

On this point, the two suppliers Marfeel works with are OVH SAS and HETZNER ONLINE GmbH. Below these lines, we attach their environmental policies so that you can see how both companies consider environmental impact as one of the most important aspects to be minimized.

OVH SAS: Managing our environmental impacts | OVHcloud

HETZNER ONLINE GmbH: Environmental protection - Hetzner Online GmbH