Amazon Affiliation Integration

Gain valuable insights into your affiliate revenue on a per-article basis and pinpoint the articles driving product sales. With seamless access to Amazon’s reports data, Marfeel effortlessly attributes affiliate revenues to their respective generating articles. Unlock the potential of your affiliate marketing efforts like never before!

Available on the Private Beta Program
This integration is available on the Private Beta Program. Get in touch with your Account Manager for further information.

Affiliation link instrumentation for Amazon Content Insights

To get Amazon Content Insights reports right you need to add/insert asc_refurl URL parameter into your Amazon product links.

asc_refurl should have the canonical URL of the article the link is included in as a value.


Integrating Amazon Content Insights to Marfeel

To connect Amazon data to Marfeel follow these steps:

  1. Go to Organization > Integrations and choose Affiliation tab.

  2. Click on connect and introduce your User and Password from Amazon’s affiliate platform.

    All sensitive data such as passwords in Marfeel are encrypted and not accessible to Marfeel's employees.
  3. Integration is now connected. It might take a few minutes for the first extraction to be completed. You can check the status in “Logs” tab.

Affiliation Metrics and Dimensions

Marfeel collects Amazon’s data periodically and makes it available as new metrics:

  1. Clicks
  2. Revenue
  3. Orders
  4. Commission

These dimensions are available to group by and filter:

  1. Product
  2. Account