Affiliation Demo: Analyze performance, ROI of your products and content

This is a guide through some reports you can create to analyze what affiliation products and content ARE and ARE NOT giving you the best ROI for engagement and revenue.

Marfeel affiliation product + content analysis

Let’s go!

Looking at your products first

Marfeel is known as a content intelligence platform. But, for affiliation, we’re also a product intelligence platform.

Which products get most clicks — and the highest commission per order?

As important as it is to see which product is driving the most clicks, it may be more vital to see how much commission each order produces.

How about opportunities for product placement?

These stories don’t have affiliation. Type “topic” in search bar, select Topic category. Pick a category for which you have affiliation products. See stories that may drive revenue with affiliation links.

Now, let’s dive into the content

We’ll help you understand what to write about and how to deliver content to maximize your affiliation engagement and revenue.

When are my readers engaging with affiliation content the most?

See amount of Affiliation Clicks vs. percentage of affiliation articles published each day. Are you meeting demand? Are you putting highest-commission products in front of the largest audience?

What topics drive the highest engagement and commission per order?

Simply change the Group by from Week day to Topic to learn which affiliation topics get you the best bang for your buck.

Does article length play a role in affiliation engagement on my site?

Let’s find out.

How about headline length?

Now we’re really getting down to the fine details.

Am I missing out on click-happy readers who may engage with affiliation content?

Find sections with highly engaged readers where you aren’t producing any affiliation content. Maybe try affiliation articles in these sections to see if the high engagement translates to affiliation.

Which sections not producing affiliation content have the highest engagement time?

Higher engagement time on non-affiliation content could mean higher engagement on affiliation content, too.

Which sections not producing affiliation content draw the most internal traffic?

Another factor to consider if you want to see sections with a highly engaged audience.