Affiliation Demo: Analyze Google search data + boost content SEO

These reports will help you analyze how your affiliation content is drawing readers from Google, and how you can boost your affiliation content’s SEO.

Marfeel affiliation Google search analysis + SEO boost

Let’s go!

First, let’s explore our affiliation search data

Marfeel integrates all your Google Search Console data and lets you tinker around with it to find actionable insights.

Which keywords are bringing my site the most affiliation traffic?

This report lets you view your site from a big-picture perspective. Which keywords are working for us? Which could we improve upon?

Play around the search position filters to find opportunities

This report, for example, only shows keywords where your site is ranking in positions 5 through 10. Can you find a way to climb higher?

Now, where can we find evergreen opportunities to boost our SEO?

These reports help you find evergreen content that could drive more readers and affiliation revenue to your site with an SEO update.

Find your top-performing evergreen affiliation content

Let’s find old stories still getting consistent traffic — especially old stories that haven’t been updated in a while. These are golden opportunities.

Pick a story and click on it

Then, scroll down to the Google search data with the SERPs, impressions, clicks, position, and CTR data. Pick a SERP for which you want to boost this story with a fresh update.

Then, head over to Marfeel’s SERP Monitoring tool

You can have Marfeel perform a live audit on the SERP for a keyword or phrase. You will see where your site ranks, and which sites rank above you.

Now, it’s time for competitor analysis

After the audit, see which competitor ranks No. 1 in the SERP. Activate your CoPilot+ extension and use the prompts to analyze their page. Learn from it to inform your update to boost your own page’s SEO.