Social Metrics and Dimensions

Find below the definitions for the available metrics and dimensions for the Marfeel Social module.


The Marfeel social module unifies the metrics of different social networks under the same name. Here’s the matching table:

Social Network Comments Followers Likes Posts Shares
Facebook Comments Followers Reactions Posts Shares
Instagram Comments Followers Likes Posts Shares


The number of comments on Facebook and Instagram.


The number of followers of a social network account.


The number of Reactions (Facebook) and Likes (Instagram) on Social Posts.


The number of Posts (Facebook, Instagram).


The number of Shares (Facebook, Instagram).


Has Social

Designation that indicates if an article has been linked in a Social Post.

Social Network

Designation that indicates in which social network an article has been linked in a Social Post. It can be Facebook or Instagram.

Social Account Name

The name of the publisher’s account or accounts that have been integrated with Marfeel’s platform.

Social Account Owner

It can take the values Own or External and it indicates if the social account is owned by the publisher or if it’s an account from an external reader or influencer.