Marfeel Copilot Ideas & Suggestions

In the context of an article, Marfeel Copilot makes data-driven suggestions and sparks fresh ideas to editors and content strategists to empower editors, unlock their productivity potential and make blank canvas situations a thing of the past.

All ideas and suggestions are trained with the language & tone of the author, the section, and your most successful stories.

Marfeel Copilot suggestions seamlessly blends in the newsroom daily habits via UI elements like the Heads Up Display (HUD) and Article Detail pages.

Ideas & Suggestions

Marfeel suggestions are based on the publisher audience, engagement, readership, headline ab tests, social interactions and Google Search Console first-party data and take into consideration the language, tone of the section and author of articles.

To guarantee the highest quality of the suggestions make sure to integrate:
  • Headline AB testing: The more manual headline AB tests variants you create the better the suggestions you will get.
  • Google Search Console for Google Discover headline suggestions.
  • Social Networks data. Marfeel will make you proposals based on your best hits.
  1. Headline ideas for the homepage. The recommendations are trained with the author’s tone of voice, the section, and your own headline A/B tests. The more A/B tests and the more data Marfeel has on recirculation modules and CTRs, the more accurate it gets.
  2. Headline ideas for Google Discover. The recommendations are trained with your best headlines based on Google Search Console and CTR data. If you don’t have Google Search Console connected to Marfeel, then it’s trained based on the articles with the most Discover traffic
  3. Content Helpfulness Analysis. Search engines like Google classify content into what they define as helpful content. Algorithms and concepts like EEAT or YMYL apply here. Marfeel Content Helpfulness Analysis suggestions runs your articles by a quality rater with Google public documentation and provides you the results.
  4. Expansion ideas upon potential reader questions. It helps focus on making sure that the article or content is as comprehensive and thorough as possible in addressing the potential questions that readers may have. It emphasizes the importance of leaving no gaps or missing pieces of information that could leave the reader with unanswered questions. It helps:
    • Increase user engagement encouraging readers to stay on the page longer
    • Extend the lifespan of articles with an evergreen touch
    • Improve search engine rankings addressing user questions and intentionality
    • Establish authority by demonstrating your expertise and providing valuable insights
  5. Follow-up story ideas: Recommendations for new related articles and different angles you might want to cover.
  6. Facebook post ideas. Facebook recommendations trained on your own Facebook posts.
  7. Twitter post ideas. Twitter recommendations trained on your own Tweets.

HUD Headline A/B testing suggestions

Marfeel Copilot is integrated directly in the Heads Up Display (HUD) to smoothly merge with newsroom daily habits. When selecting a story, Marfeel Copilot automatically suggests alternative headlines based on the historically successful A/B tests the newsroom has run in the past.

Clicking on any of the suggested headlines automatically sets up an A/B test for that variant, saving your Home editors’ time to focus on more important things.

Links suggestions

Marfeel’s Link Suggestions Module is a powerful tool designed to enhance your website’s user experience by suggesting relevant articles from your website for your editors to cross-link. This feature not only improves link building and engagement, but also drives readership and increases time spent on your website. By leveraging advanced algorithms and user behavior analysis, our module provides contextually relevant recommendations to keep your audience engaged.