How to Set Up the Facebook Integration

The Facebook integration allows you to import all data from engagement with your article-related posts into your Marfeel account. This includes numbers of posts, comments, shares, likes, and followers. All data is available in the Explore module and Compass playbook.

Set Up the Facebook Integration

  1. Go to the Organization icon in sidebar, and select Integrations.
  2. Click on Connect in the Facebook integration box. You will see the following prompt:
  3. Add a valid App Id, App secret and User token. There are instructions in the next section on how to obtain them. Confirm, and you’ll be shown a dropdown with all pages it found access to. Select the ones you want to connect and confirm.
  4. Integration setup is complete.

Obtaining the Facebook Credentials

  1. Important: you must use a Facebook account that is admin to the page you want to show in the card.
  2. Go to Meta for developers and click on My Apps and then on Create App.
  3. Fill in the form selecting app type: Business. Add any name for it. You’ll be prompted for a password.
  4. Go into your app’s Settings > Basic
    1. Add your site’s Privacy Policy URL, set Category to Business and Pages, and save your changes.
    2. Get App ID and App Secret
  5. Go to Tools > Graph API explorer
  6. Select your app, add permission pages_read_engagement from group ‘Events Groups Pages’ and click on Generate Access Token. You’ll be prompted for permission, and you will need to select which page(s) you want to grant this access to.
  7. You will need to confirm permissions, keep both selected, and confirm:
  8. Copy the generated access token. Bear in mind that it is only valid for 5 minutes!