How does Marfeel compute reading time

Marfeel provides reading time in 2 different flavors:

  1. Reading time in real time of users actively reading. The average reading time of the ongoing sessions is provided.
  2. Historical average reading time of an article bearing in mind all historical sessions. When we detect a user has completed reading an article the final reading time of the page is tracked and aggregated to the system. Marfeel considers a user has completed reading an article after:
    • Certain browser events like onUnload are triggered indicating the user has left the page
    • After 300s (5min) elapse since last presence event

Realtime presence events

When a user lands on a page, and while the page has focus on the foreground, Marfeel starts sending presence events every 5s. The longer a user stays the less frequent presence events are triggered getting to maximum time windows of 20s. More details here. The presence event includes contextual information about the scroll, time on page, core web vitals, conversions and some ads information.

The Marfeel Raw Data exports module makes available the reading time KPI for every page view of a user.